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Have you heard about The Fun Theory? This theory is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.

We decided to test that theory on our project NEW EUROPE - BANKYA. We want to prove that a problem with nature preservation or a problem caused by human behavior and impact upon nature can be solved through fun.

To do this we need your help! london house cleaning

Send us your funny, amazing, astonishing, adorable, absurd idea, thought or invention that could contribute to nature preservation and make better the experience of the people living in or just visiting the house and SPA complex NEW EUROPE - BANKYA.



Contest rules

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Three simple criteria your idea should meet
to qualify for participation in the contest:

1. Contribute to nature preservation;

2. Improve the quality of life of the community in NEW EUROPE - BANKYA;

3. Do the above two things through fun.

Prizes and jury

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We'll award three prizes to the winners:
first prize - 1500 euro, second prize - 750 euro and third prize - 500 euro.

The jury members and official launch and ending dates of the contest will be announced through this website.

Underlying project

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The house and SPA complex NEW EUROPE - BANKYA is unique for Bulgaria with its nature friendliness and energy sustainability. We care about nature and love fun. So our team decided to announce this contest and implement the winning ideas duriong the realization of the project.

If you would like to participate in the contest GREEN IS FUN, please submit a short description of your idea. We will get back to you for photos, videos, drawings, specific details, etc., which will illustrate your idea. london house cleaning


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Short description: